How can NetZero.Work help you?

NetZero is a big ambition.

To get there, you need to engage, enable and involve your people.

NetZero.Work is here to help you get started.

Get Started

We can help you get started on your Net Zero culture and employee engagement journey in two simple ways, and both are free!

Net Zero culture: What it is and why it’s important

A free one-hour introductory webinar

We all know that a great culture is part of what makes a great organisation. But we also know that culture can be a huge barrier to organisational change.

In this workshop you will explore how your organisational culture can be a positive force in helping you reach your Sustainability or Net Zero goals.

We believe that, by working together, HR and Sustainability professionals and Business Leaders can accelerate our progress towards Net Zero. So we offer this workshop as a free event.

All we ask of you is an hour of your time! Contact us here to request a workshop, for you and your organisation.

Net Zero Employee Engagement

Review of your latest employee survey data

A good employee survey can tell you more about your employees’ engagement with your Sustainability and Net Zero strategy than you might think.  We offer a free, high-level review of your latest employee survey data, looking for the gaps and opportunities through the lens of our NetZero Framework.

Contact us here to find out what we need from you, and what you get in return.

You can also click here to read about other practical steps to engage your employees in Net Zero and create a Net Zero culture.

Or read on below to find out more about our full range of services.

NetZero Awareness:

Workshops and Materials

NetZero.Work Awareness: Workshops and Materials

Drawing on the latest academic research into the drivers of pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace, we design and deliver workshops and web material to raise employee awareness around the issues of climate change and net zero.

Understanding the scale of the issue. Making a personal, emotional connection to the impacts. Seeing a positive way forward. Research has shown these to be essential foundations for employee engagement and action.

We help employees understand their role in your NetZero strategy, and show them how to create their personal NetZero.Work action plan.

Material can be delivered as a standalone, or as part of your broader NetZero engagement and communications strategy.

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NetZero workshop showing employees with different plants

NetZero Culture Assessment

NetZero.Work Culture Assessments

Every organisation has certain ‘habits’ embedded within its culture. These can be enablers or barriers to achieving NetZero.

Identifying them allows you to celebrate and nurture them, or work to remove them.

Drawing on 3 years of research involving a review of over 150 academic studies, our unique NetZero Culture Assessment is the best way to uncover these enablers and barriers in your organisation.

We help you create a NetZero culture.

The survey examines several key elements of a NetZero culture. Click here to find out about our NetZero culture map.

Our experience running culture surveys spans multiple sectors and hundreds of companies, surveying more than 10 million employees.

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NetZero culture survey results - man looking at graphs on a computer monitor
In-depth insight into how all aspects of your organisation, including your culture and your people, are pulling together to achieve your NetZero vision.

NetZero Employee Engagement:

Strategy and Programme design

NetZero.Work Employee Engagement: Strategy and Programme design

Over 20 years experience advising global business leaders on employee engagement strategy and best practice means we know how to engage employees in NetZero.

First, we bring clarity to the role leaders play in bringing NetZero strategy to life for their employees. Then we look at how to strengthen ownership and responsibility right through your organisation.

We can:

  • Facilitate senior leadership workshops on NetZero engagement strategy
  • Assess current levels of employee engagement with your Net Zero or Sustainability strategy by analysing your employee survey data
  • Set up NetZero.Work employee communities to build momentum and support for NetZero activities in the workplace
  • Advise on tools and approaches to get more employees actively involved in NetZero action
  • Identify cultural and process enablers and blockers to NetZero in employees’ daily work
  • Facilitate dialogue with mid-level managers – often the key enablers or blockers of organisational change programmes.

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NetZero.Work employee engagement - artistic image of peoples hands on a tree trunk
Imagine if all of your employees understand their role in getting your organisation to NetZero, and feel motivated to act!

NetZero Accreditation:

Recognising best practice and celebrating success

NetZero.Work accreditation: Recognising best practice and celebrating success

Become a NetZero.Work accredited workplace!

More on this to follow.

Or contact us here for an initial discussion on how to become one of the first.

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NetZero.Work accreditation - picture of certificate getting stamped