The Board is on board! Now what about employees?

Employee Engagement in Net Zero

Here’s some good news! According to Edie’s latest Net-Zero Business Barometer, only 1 in 5 Net-Zero leaders and practitioners now struggle to gain Board support for Net-Zero planning and delivery work. This is significantly lower than was reported 12 months ago.

But twice as many say they are struggling to engage staff

Perhaps those oft-repeated calls for Net-Zero action are finally being heeded at Board level. And perhaps it’s time for more serious and sustained attention on engaging the ‘rank and file’.

In my 20 years of consulting, I’ve seen engaged employees achieve fabulous things for their businesses. They’ve delivered extraordinary levels of customer service; they’ve gone the extra mile for their colleagues; they’ve found simple and cheap ways to improve operational efficiency; they’ve been more adaptive and innovative. Simply put: engaged employees contribute more of their own talents and skills, personalities and experience. It’s better for them, and it’s better for their company.

Businesses need to adapt in order to thrive in a Net-Zero economy. Success is not guaranteed, but it’s more likely if businesses tap into the phenomenal energy that employee engagement can create.

But how can they do this?

Firstly, it means thinking from the perspective of their employees, whose motivation for engaging with net zero strategy will be very different from that of the Board.

So, take 5 minutes to place yourself in the shoes of a typical employee in your business. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • I get that net zero is important for the business, but what does it really mean for me?
  • Is it really worth investing my time and effort in net zero activity, or is this just the latest management fad?
  • Will I be recognised or rewarded if I suggest ways we can be more sustainable?
  • Is this just something for the ‘tree huggers’ who work here?
  • How much should I prioritise net zero action among the hundred and one other things I’m asked to do?

Employee engagement isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ for tackling climate change and creating a net zero world. I believe that it’s essential for success.

That’s why I created NetZero.Work. Get in touch if you want to hear more.