NetZero.Work can collaborate with you in working for sustainability, whatever your role.

Sustainability Consultants

Sustainability Consultants

You may be specialists in how to measure carbon emissions or how to decarbonise high-energy processes. We are specialists in the vital culture and engagement piece of the jigsaw.

Our services complement your work with clients, for example by adding an employee engagement and organisational culture module to Senior Leadership workshops on NetZero strategy.

You can trust us to add something new and exciting to your client relationships. Our credibility at senior leadership level comes from 20 years consulting experience with leadership teams at many high profile companies, including Barclays, Drax, KPMG, Novartis, ScottishPower and Virgin Money.

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Heads of Sustainability

Heads of Sustainability

You are responsible for NetZero strategy in your organisation, but you have questions:

  • What do our employees really think about our NetZero strategy?
  • How can NetZero become a shared vision among all our employees?
  • Is NetZero changing day-to-day workplace decisions and actions?
  • What are the roadblocks to NetZero in our organisational culture, policies and processes?
  • Do we have sufficient levels of employee trust, engagement and motivation to act differently?

Talk to us about how we can improve engagement with NetZero in your organisation, and support culture and behaviour change.

Research* has found that 70-85% of pro-environmental behaviours at work are discretionary – i.e. employees choosing to engage with their company’s environmental initiatives. This suggests that, without employee engagement, these initiatives will almost certainly fail.

* Boiral, O., Paillé, P., & Raineri, N. (2015). The nature of employees’ pro-environmental behaviors. In J. L. Robertson, & J. Barling (Eds.), The Psychology of Green Organizations

Heads of Human Resources

Heads of Human Resources

Human Resource practices are crucial ‘enablers and embedders’ of an organisation’s NetZero strategy.

NetZero presents a fabulous opportunity to engage leaders and employees around a common vision.

But we know that engagement and culture change don’t always come easily.

With 20 years experience working alongside HR Directors of large and complex organisations, we can build NetZero ambition into all that you do, rethinking how you recruit, develop, engage and reward your employees.

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We need ALL of our resources, including our human resources, to be working for the planet.

Business Owners

Business Owners

You see the world tipping further towards major climate disruption, but you are unsure how this affects you, your business or your employees.

And you need fast answers, so you can start to reposition your business for NetZero right now, seizing the opportunities and managing the risks.

Our approach brings your employees into this process right from the start, so you can make the most of their ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

We’d love to discuss how we can work together for the planet.

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Achieving net zero emissions will require a whole economy transition – every company, every bank, every insurer and investor will have to adjust their business models … This could turn an existential risk into the greatest commercial opportunity of our time.

Mark Carney, quoted in Climate Change News