About Net Zero.Work

Who we are

Are you and your employees working for the planet?

We believe in a Net Zero future in which all employees work not only for their bosses, customers and shareholders, but also for the planet. But this is only possible if employees feel a sense of ownership and involvement at every step of the way.

NetZero.Work combines over 20 years consulting experience in employee engagement and organisational culture, with the latest insights into business transformation and Net Zero ambition in response to the climate crisis. 

Tackling this crisis will mean significant changes to all aspects of our lives, including how, where and even why we work.

Using tools and insights from organisational and environmental psychology, we help organisations engage employees, change culture, shape behaviour and rethink working practices. 

NetZero.Work helps you generate energy and enthusiasm for Net Zero among your employees. 

All so that you, and they, can thrive in a Net Zero future.

NetZero is a big ambition – to get there you need to engage, enable and involve your people.

What we do

Employees are often missing from the Net Zero ‘equation’.

Our services add them back in.

NetZero Awareness

Workshops and materials shaped by extensive research into what promotes pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace.

NetZero Culture Assessment

Unique employee survey to assess the presence of a NetZero culture in your organisation

NetZero Engagement

Strategy and programme design support for leaders on employee engagement and NetZero.

NetZero Accreditation

Promote how your employees are helping you achieve NetZero.

Why NetZero Culture?

Net Zero isn’t just an ideal – it shapes how we need to work, day by day

Organisations with a NetZero ambition need to rethink operational processes, investment strategy, products and supply chains.

They also need to rethink their organisational culture.

Organisational culture can undermine any business strategy.  As Peter Drucker put it: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

This is just as true for your NetZero strategy as it is for any others. 

NetZero.Work helps organisations that want to thrive in a NetZero world, but who know that their culture and ‘organisational habits’ can get in the way. 

Click here to find out more about the key elements of a NetZero organisational culture.

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Why NetZero Engagement?

Employee Engagement is essential for tackling climate change.

We’re on a mission to prove it.

Your NetZero ambitions – part of the daily routine, or just an annual staff update?

Thousands of companies have found Employee Engagement is good for business, delivering better customer service, higher sales, more innovation, better efficiency and safer workplaces.

Employee Engagement is good for NetZero too.

Employee Engagement should be a pillar of all company NetZero strategies.

So often this doesn’t happen. It is an afterthought, or just a glossy internal communications exercise.

Research has shown that, unless employees choose to invest their own effort in their company’s environmental initiatives, these initiatives will almost certainly fail.*

NetZero Engagement means engaging your employees dynamically in your NetZero strategy and implementation, inspiring and embedding NetZero behaviours in the workplace.

We believe employee engagement isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ for tackling climate change.

It is essential for success.

We need ALL of our resources, including human resources, to be working for the planet.

*Boiral, O., Paillé, P., & Raineri, N. (2015). The nature of employees’ pro-environmental behaviors. In J. L. Robertson, & J. Barling (Eds.), The Psychology of Green Organizations

What guides us

NetZero.Work logo

Our name and logo represent two core beliefs, which guide all we do.

  1. Our work matters to the planet, and what’s happening to the planet right now matters to our work. Tackling the climate crisis means getting to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, globally. A daunting task that requires a fundamental rethink of every aspect of our lives, including our work and our workplaces. How we work (policies, practices and culture), why we work (purpose and objectives), and for what (reward, growth and satisfaction). We need to make our workplaces part of the solution to the climate crisis, not part of the problem. We need every employee to work not only for bosses, customers and shareholders, but also for the planet.
  2. We need to act NØW! The term ‘global warming’ was first used in the public domain in 1975. The IPCC has been collecting climate change data since 1988, over 30 years ago. But only now are we seeing a collective and powerful movement for action to tackle climate change across all sectors of society.
    We believe that inspiring and embedding NetZero behaviours in the workplace can accelerate the transformation that’s required. Or it’s going to be too little, too late.

Achieving net zero emissions will require a whole economy transition – every company, every bank, every insurer and investor will have to adjust their business models…. This could turn an existential risk into the greatest commercial opportunity of our time.

Mark Carney, quoted in Climate Change News

About the Founder

Nick Tatchell has advised senior leadership teams across the world on how to align organisational culture with business goals, and how to improve employee engagement. He has seen first-hand that leaders who pay attention to organisational culture and employee engagement can transform their businesses. 

He now helps organisations accelerate their transition to net zero by actively engaging their employees on the journey.

In 2021 he studied Business and Climate Change at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He is now an academic assessor on this programme.

In 2019 Nick became a Visiting Research Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute, pursuing research at the intersection between business sustainability and organisational culture. 

For 20 years Nick worked as an Employee Engagement and Organisational Culture specialist for global professional services firm Willis Towers Watson, leading projects for major clients including Barclays, Drax, KPMG, Novartis, ScottishPower and Virgin Money. He has surveyed well over 10 million employees worldwide, turning their views into insight that challenges existing organisational culture and practices, and inspires change.

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Our NetZero commitment

It’s important to practise what we preach, so we take achieving NetZero seriously for ourselves, as well as for clients.

We have signed the SME Climate Commitment, which commits us to take immediate action towards the goal of achieving net zero emissions.

As an agile small business we can get to net zero quicker than many others.

What’s in our NetZero plan already:

  • Measure or estimate our current greenhouse gas emissions
  • Get to net zero emissions by end-2023 at the latest
  • After 2023, become carbon positive
  • Purchase electricity from a renewable supplier
  • Minimise travel through maximum use of virtual meetings
  • Run our website on an eco-friendly hosting platform (Greengeeks)
  • Offset any unavoidable emissions through our support for a re-wilding project in the Scottish Highlands (Trees for Life)
  • Disclose our progress on a yearly basis

What we’re still working on:

  • Reducing reliance on oil for heating.
    • We operate from a new, well-insulated property, with an efficient, but oil-fired, boiler. We’re investigating air or groundsource heat pumps to reduce our reliance on the boiler.
    • We’re talking with the local fuel company about access to non-fossil-fuel based substitutes.

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NetZero commitment: image of glass sphere against a background of trees and sky